4 Hr Fishing Charter Deep Sea (D/S)

Our shortest Private fishing charter. We can fish either the calm west coast or the south coast of the island on this charter. This trip is a great choice for the casual angler or for those who might like to try a little deep sea fishing in Barbados on their Holiday. We have deep water close to shore so we can catch deep sea species on this fishing trip though we are not far out. This also makes it a good choice for folks with poor sea legs.

6 Hr Fishing Charter

We can get a bit further and fish more water on this longer trip. It’s a good choice for more avid anglers. It allows us to fish the coastal 50 fathom ledge like we do on the 4 hr deep sea as well as go offshore a bit if conditions allow and thats where they’re biting. This trip includes a sandwich lunch.

8 Hr Fishing Charter

Our longest trip and a good choice for passionate anglers who can handle a whole day on the water.  We can fish far and wide on this trip fishing the ledge or go offshore looking for Marlin if you like. 

Alternatively, we can do a combination of deep sea and inshore fishing on this charter (must be prearranged).

We suggest a maximum of four persons on an 8 hr trip.  This trip includes a sandwich lunch and snacks.

4 Hr Fishing Charter Inshore (I/S)

Probably the best fishing charter for guests with children who wish a charter where the focus is on the kids catching fish (most of the fish we catch on our other charters are simply too heavy for most children to handle).

Because we’re fishing so close to shore its also very calm. Catches can include Crevalle, Mackerel, Barracuda, small Tuna, Jacks, Snapper, and others.

Fishing is done with lighter tackle that kids can handle. This also provides for a more fun fight for adult anglers. 

5 Hr Fish ‘n Swim

Approximately four hours of fishing with a one hour stop to swim with the turtles or elsewhere if you prefer. This is our most popular trip and a good choice for families where maybe not everyone is into fishing. The swimming stop is done in calm, crystal clear waters and it’s truly a unique experience swimming with the turtles and rays that hangout there.

6 Hr Hook ‘n Cook

You hook, we’ll cook! A six hour fishing trip with a snorkeling stop and your catch grilled by the Captain for you while you swim. This is a casual lunch with your catch served as sandwiches with fresh local buns.
In the rare event that we don’t catch suitable fish for the barbecue we’ll have sandwiches (just like on our standard 6 hr trip) and you’ll still get to snorkel just paying the regular six hour trip price.

Peacock Bass (Pond Fishing from shore)

A popular fishing trip for avid freshwater or Bass anglers. Fish for Peacock Bass in a private six acre pond.  We’ve been granted the exclusive rights to fish this beautiful stocked pond, there are several species of fish in it, the biggest of which are the Peacocks. Peacock bass are among the largest Bass in the world and not much compares to the thrill of seeing one explode on your lure. You’ll be amazed at how strong these fish are, even the smaller ones! Think of a small mouth bass with turbo.

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